Pictures of You - prod. by Burnell Washburn

by Q1

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Inspired by the Internet age, personal experiences and the stories of others.

How a seemingly innocent and anonymous online relationship easily turns into something far, far worse.


Verse 1

She was like outta the blue
She came at dude like, (like)
Like Sally's mean mother did Snoop
Kinda loddy doddy but not, more smooth...
Started by grabbin his dick
Utilized her array of virtual tools
Her intent was Internet sex
She intends to be wrecked when they do rendevouz (soooon)...
Secrets (fantasies)
She tells him all she has from the shallow to the deepest
For a little ass tell a little lass
He'll lock them away and safely keep them (huh)
Imagine, dreamin', (yeah)
Didn't fathom the scab was a demon
Miscalculated a dame with two faces

Chorus #1
You know that I am always thinking of you
I am so certain that you think of me, too
Each thought I think grows my obsession for you
We haven't met yet I possess all these pictures of you

Verse 2

Came back for more, (huh)
She the flame but of course (just)
Just like the moth when he plots his course
He is destined for (dust)...
It's less than amor, (lust)
She's questing for more, (fuck!)
Sendin messages images of porn
Tellin him she wanna fuck from dusk till dawn, but
This is not real to him and, he wants to cut her off
But the bitch won't quit
With the flicks and the pics of her tits
So he just, rubs one off (what?)
What is loves source, (trust)
He has none for this whore, (just)
Gotta figure out how to wiggle out of her clutches
Before he falls (bust)

Chorus #2
You know that I am always looking at you
I am so certain that you look at me, too
Each glance I take grows my obsession for you
Until we meet I'll keep peaking at my pictures of you

Verse 3

Never again, (yeah)
Befriend a friend of a friend
He swears it ends el ultimo vece
No yes to a friend request...
So she begs, (HA)
After a bit she starts her threats,
Of exposing them on news threads
To the world, Facebook, the Feds...
Holy heck,
These aren't the words he expects
After all the pictures he'd sent
She would go to all these lengths
She would sink to the lowest depths
She screams "Don't leave me alone again," so
He clicks delete knowing that his pixel pete
Will keep her content

Chorus #3

You know that I am always thinking of you
You know that I am always looking at you
You know that I am always screaming at you
Come on you fucker scream at me, too
Each word unheard grows my obsession for you
I hate you so much but I love all my pictures of you
Of you...
Of you...


released January 17, 2014
Written and performed by David Q1 Quinones
Produced by Burnell Washburn
Mixed & Mastered by CF Lewis



all rights reserved