To End is to Begin

by Q1

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Written and recorded between April and November 2013, To End is to Begin is Q1's first full length LP. All of the music was produced locally here in Utah. This fact is something that Q1 is extremely proud of, because it means that this project is authentic 801!

The goal was to write an album that would reflect my life and my musical influences, like Pac, BIG, Nas, and Em. I grew up in NYC during the 80s, then moved to Utah to begin the 90s, so I feel I have acquired a unique blend of HipHop influences from across the country, from East Coast to the Midwest to the West Coast, this album delivers the Mountain West hybrid of them all!

What began as a journey to revisit, write about and use my past experiences as a means to introduce only myself as an artist, ended up as a place where some of my most talented friends could show their support and showoff their abilities. What I'm most pleased about though, is that this project also became a showcase for La Familia Quiñones. My oldest daughter sings on two tracks, To End is to Begin and I Can See You, my oldest son plays the violin to intro All the Traps, and my two youngest boys add their voices on Dear Eminem and Tippy Toe. My wife, Katie, helped me with the skit, Balloons Pop....

The theme of the album can be summed up in the chorus of the title track.
To end is to begin.
let's end,
let's end,
let's end...this."

Life is full of endings and beginnings and endings and beginnings. We humans, through all these constant changes, have this impeccable ability to adapt and make do.
To End is to Begin pays homage to the past, celebrates the present, and progresses towards the future.


released February 14, 2014

recorded and engineered by Chance Clift
additional performances by:
Mr. HK, Atheist, Donnie Bonelli & Chance Lewis of House of Lewis, Mimi Knowles, Adrienne Paxton, Tiffany Weir and my kids Kylei, Jordan, Dylan & David.
Huge thank you to my wife, Katie



all rights reserved
Track Name: To End is to Begin ft. Kylei Styles
(Let me)
Begin with the finish
Nothing's wrong with the physics
Higgs boson collisions
Like a cork when it blows this flow is uplifting.
It's a roast and we toast good living
To my kids, my wish is
That their lives are filled to the brim with riches
Give me grand kid kisses
To my wife
I'm sorry, that I didn't listen, to you, ha
Look at us now
Are we what, you envisioned?
Blurred lines
We try to keep it straight but, but
We're straight tripping
Bae, we reached the end,
But my pen isn't through spilling
The ink is still wet, dripping
Off the papers edge,
Sent here to take a test
A lifetime of study but we sometimes still forget…

To end...
Is to begin
Let's end
Let's end
Let's end (this)
To end
Is to begin
Let's end
Let's end (this)
To end

(Let me)
Begin by going light speed...
Like going back in time speed
To a place and time more likely
To produce a man who just might be
Attuned to the plan of the man on high see
But, it was all too sweet,
and it began to rot my teeth like Hi-C
But, I was at the end of my rope
On the receiving end of a rope a dope like Ali
Lost all hope and the drugs were not
The potions that I had hoped for
These scenes in my dreams constantly awoke me
Clutching my throat closed off
Please don't leave me
Were the pleas that I pleaded,
Begged, conceded and confessed repeated
Rinse and repeat it,
At last I can see that


(Let me)
End with the beginning
Paths wend every which way
When they splay go on stick a fork in my sinning.
Was stuck on no silver spoons in my mitts
Let alone in my mouth and yet I spit
As if there was gold hidden in our plastic spoons,
3 in a bed in my moms bedroom
Except that I slept in my baby brothers crib...
Til I was 4 guess I'd grown too tall
There was just no more headroom
But that was before my Pops spun run and begun
What would become a revolving door
And I won-dor, if before I was one or
Before my mum was, um, sore
Did I...
See it as a means to an end
To end my disbelief
Which would've led me to see that
To to begin

Track Name: Weird Science ft. Atheist
Nineteen seventy motherfucking nine
On a February morning's when my ass sprang to life
Mamma claims I was late
3 weeks past her due date, if that's the case,
Well then, I guess my daddy, wasn't, the mailman
(Fuck him)
Sappy pappy sapping happy from the air man
Double dare me to have a tantrum on the air man
I'm Atheist without the hair plan
Did that make sense
Because, my senses sense
(That these),
Pretenses press on your chest like a Lou Thesz press
I'm different, yes, and I'm best, served fresh
By the due date, on this very package, ingest,
Find a way to fill your tummy the best
Better take a nibble on a nipple suckle a breast
When I was little, I used to piddle the bed
Now that I'm bigger whip out my dick and piss on some heads

These weird times
Call for weird minds
The kind hip enough to mix up weird science
Bill Nye
Spilt rhymes
Here we are all experiments of weird science
These weird times
Call for weird minds
The kind hip enough to mix up weird science
Bill Nye
Spilt rhymes
Here we are all experiments of weird science

Before I whip it, and whip it good
Before I begin the bustin of cans
Of whoop ass on you hoods
Just hit that and kick back on this track
Like some troubled youth would I could,
Speak of troubled youth,
By '92 I was skipping' school, smokin' doobies
I was brown but commonly mistaken for a mooly (Hey man!)
When Dave tans his skin turns the color of an eggplant
Did I just say that? (But it's true!)
My Puerto Rican family tree has a few, African roots to boot
I give a hoot, so when I throw out prose I don't pollute
They call me Q add a 1 add food and a few (fuck you)
Average it add some bids add an ex and a wife and the five best kids
Add it all up, it's a life well lived


Atheist -
A lot of rappers say that they just don't give a fuck
I'm just like them
Except I give a fuck, I give two
For Q and my crew, HOL
Yo, I'm feeling real rude, this attitude for real dude
It was nineteen eighty something, I was in the womb
Banging on the belly trying to rock the room
I was born with a mic in my hand (say it again)
I was born with a mic in my hand (playing to win)
I stuck a finger in a socket and blew up like a rocket
Never stoppin when we rock it
We chest choppin, Molly whop 'em
What we have here you don't even want it
Can't handle it like scramblin'
I'm cancellin' champions
I'm dazzlin', I've mastered this
Fittin' a funeral suit for you rappin' stiffs
All right I write shit, that's the day job
Rockin' a show with Q1, that's the night shift

Track Name: Kite Flight ft. Donnie Bonelli
My love, fly with me
Feel your hair blowing with the breeze
My love, fly with me
In the sky like a kite in spring

Bout to get ready for the day
Gotta a big date at around 8 (hey)
With a pretty little gal that I met the other day
She was so…I don't know what to say
5'5 brown hair, brown eyes
Oh yes curves and the speed limit 5-5
Body chemicals and the tides
Watch us do, a little bit of science
Mix rocket fuel for our trip to the moon, (ha)
Oh-kay, text that I'm on my way
Then I back out the drive way (see you soon)

Chorus #2:::
My love, fly with me
Feel your hair blowing with the breeze
(How bout we head to a drive-in movie
To a dance so we can get groovy)
My love, fly with me
In the sky like a kite and string
(I don't think we'll make it to the movie
Or the dance but we gonna get groovy)

Here I stroll, up her pathway, to her door (Knock, knock)
And I'm sure, that her pappy will be whoa (HAHA)
Then she shows, then I'm so we have to go (TATA)
So I scope as she goes head to toe
She put a lil glitter on her nose
Her clothes minimal
So I know where a girl wanna go (oooooh)
Even though we know we won't go to the show
We sent a pic of the tixx to her folks (oh)

Through your hair feel the wind blow
Grab onto me
Come on, we about to get lift off
Like a kite in spring (yeah)
My love, fly with me
In the sky like a kite in spring

Chorus #2:::

Myyy looove...
Love the way you tempt with a slight touch
I just...
Love it when we play fight
And it's a plus when you squiggle and squirm under my touch
Wanna fly like a kite or a satellite
How about we take this orbit up high
See a whole new world
Call me Aladdin a carpet of magic
I guess we should call you Jasmine
It's midnight, it's time to go
In this moonlight it's hard to though so

My love, fly with me
Feel your hair blowing with the breeze
My love, fly with me
In the sky like a kite in spring
Track Name: The Weekend ft. Mr. HK
Nothin comes to mind right away, no words
When I see her eyes and her face still no words
Kitty got my tongue tied up
She say she wanna get tied up, no word...
Come on, let me take you to the back
Kick off your shoes, pull off my pants,
Take off my shirt, and pull up your skirt
Mira baybay it's like a holiday, no work...
Well, I'm workin and I'm workin
And I'm tuggin atcha waist soul searchin
It's a silly little game that we play
And we ain't gonna quit until you scream mercy...
Yes...feelin' blessed...
And the sex is all I expect
Left you feelin' breathless
Rest, there aren't any words left to be said...

We should hook up for the weekend
Baby, I'm a make you feel real nice
Aint no one night stand its the weekend
Let's see where it takes us after tonight
We should hook up for the weekend
Baby, I'm a make you feel...real nice
Take me for the weekend
Or can I have you...after tonight

Maybe, there are a few words left
Maybe, every word will be heard while I murder her
Legs spread, thin walls on a day bed
Hasten the pace raw dog like I'm Nathan's...
Stuffing while you're basting
Hugging getting hot like a oven baking
Call me Cleveland!
Cuz it smells like sex,
Leave the windows shut, don't let out the stench, (uuuhhh!)
I'm a mix this verse with the first cuz I'm perched like a bird
Come on kitty get at me I ain't skerrred
Is it a curse?
That my spurt touches similar nerves that make a nurse squirt, errrr
Glitching the blurbs and switching the verbs,
To more like ditching the shirts and hitching the hearse
I'm all like ditching the shirts and hitching the hearse
Bitch what that means is your dead and your kitty gets hurt, yessir


Mr. HK
I can see its the girl of my dreams
So I take her to my fantasy
Poppin my l.i.p.s.
While looking in your e.y.e.s.
Saying please
Let me hold n caress it ,feelin this blessing
Heat it up beat it up now im sweatin
Like Kieth, twisted,
Got her tangled in the sheets, dripping..
Always lovin' exercise, runnin', bouncin' up n down
Everytime I come around,
Everytime i come I'm down
But she love to keep up,
Up all night, not talkin' bout much
Just a walk on the beach, moonlight gotta her close to me
Right where she suppose to be
But supposably, I'm only bein' Dirty Dan
Now I guess I'm like slug, just body pillow pimpin' but...

Track Name: Pictures of You
She was like outta the blue
She came at dude like, (like)
Like Sally's mean mother did Snoop
Kinda loddy doddy but not, more smooth...
Started by grabbin' his dick
Utilized her array of virtual tools
Her intent was Internet sex
She intends to be wrecked when they do rendezvous (soon)...
Secrets (fantasies)
She tells him all she has from the shallow to the deepest
For a little ass tell a little lass
He'll lock them away and safely keep them (huh)
Imagine, dreamin', (yeah)
Didn't fathom the scab was a demon
Miscalculated a dame with two faces

Chorus #1:::
You know that I am always thinking of you
I am so certain that you think of me, too
Each thought I think grows my obsession for you
We haven't met yet I possess all these pictures of you

Came back for more, (huh)
She the flame but of course (just)
Just like the moth when he plots his course
He is destined for (dust)...
It's less than amor, (lust)
She's questing for more, (fuck!)
Sendin' messages images of porn
Tellin' him she wanna fuck from dusk till dawn, but
This is not real to him and, he wants to cut her off
But the bitch won't quit
With the flicks and the pics of her tits
So he just, rubs one off (what?)
What is loves source, (trust)
He has none for this whore, (just)
Gotta figure out how to wiggle out of her clutches
Before he falls (bust)

Chorus #2:::
You know that I am always looking at you
I am so certain that you look at me, too
Each glance I take grows my obsession for you
Until we meet I'll keep peaking at my pictures of you

Never again, (yeah)
Befriend a friend of a friend
He swears it ends el ultimo vece
No yes to a friend request...
So she begs, (HA)
After a bit she starts her threats,
Of exposing them on news threads
To the world, Facebook, the Feds...
Holy heck, (huuh)
These aren't the words he expects
After all the pictures he'd sent
She would go to all these lengths
She would sink to the lowest depths
She screams "Don't leave me alone again," so
He clicks delete knowing that his pixel pete
Will keep her content

Chorus #3:::
You know that I am always thinking of you
You know that I am always looking at you
You know that I am always screaming at you
Come on you fucker scream at me, too
Each word unheard grows my obsession for you
I hate you so much but I love all my pictures of you
Of you...
Of you...
Track Name: I Can See You ft. Kylei Styles
Do you
See me
Like I
See you

Abandon it all, leave it, neglect
No need for achievement
No need for success
But I see it I see it in my head
If seeing's believing
Will I see it in the flesh

Unsure which part to break apart
But sure, whatever part, I break apart give pause…
Stops hearts, drops jaws,
A la mode, a la cart
A lotta hoes wanna farm
And dig holes in my heart
Deal with those big moles with my shot
This ain't Kansas anymo'
You can call me Oz (the Great and Powerful)
Was once a common man
But since I've slain this Wicked Game
That wicked bitch, with my tricks
Calling all munchkins come take a spin
In all seriousness I don't have a peer in this shit
Every queer wanna lear and jeer but I'm steering this shit
I mean I'm stealing this shit
Gonna snatch it up quick
Gonna have it in my grip
But I have to ask it this


I could not resist the genesis of this
It was as if the stars align and the universe shifted
This gift to put lyrics in a musical mixture
Just clicked and I began to paint some beautiful pictures
With lips, and vocal cords hoping that it would hit ya
Like bricks, and not a ton maybe more like six (HA)
Hitting hard like an all out blitz
Be on guard ain't nobody gonna call out picks
I'm…Jordan, you're the Knicks
LeBron James to you kids
Phenomenon, the funkdoobist
Notorious who again
B.I.G. O.N.E. whoa is me it's only Q my friend
Sumthin sumthin for the mood again
Voodoo flow who you know do a show or a Muse event
For your amusement thank you for choosing
I guess I chose too now what to do with it


I'm flawless, I'm flawed
I'm thankful, I'm thankless psychiatrist's in awe
A puzzle that's broken yet can't be solved
The glitches are groping, the rent is gone
I'm going into comas wide awake and armed
Sniffed 23 somas now I'm racing thru this song
I'm not crazy but I got away with,
Raping bongs, singing jingles and playing god,
Think I'm crazy, huuuuuh
Do youuuuu, see meeeeee
Cuz I'm not ordinary, quite, extraordinary
From my core to my aura dog Im raw emcee
Obi Wan oh be sure the force is strong in O.N.E.
As it flows about the maze of my arteries
And plays through my veins till it gets to my brain
Seize, all my options and neurology
I hear it knocking, is it just a dream
I hear it knocking is it, is it just a dream
I hear it knocking…no… it's just a me
Track Name: Dear Eminem
Dear Eminem, Eminem
Dear Eminem, Eminem
Dear Eminem, Eminem
Dear Eminem, Eminem
Dear Eminem, Eminem
Dear Eminem, Eminem

Dear Em
My name is…
Where do I begin?
I’ve written and re-written this
Over and over again in my head
But what does One say to the one and only Eminem
I’ve lost count, of all the tears that I have shed
With each and every word of yours that related
Could have written this note with a pen,
Or scribbled it on a piece of loose leaf
Gotten mad when you didn’t write back,
And took the same route like Stan
Damn, I'm a fan,
But the extent of what you've meant
Is much more to me
Slim, I'm gonna switch it up
To a language meant more for us
Kendrick and the rest of the ten percent, Dear Em


Okay, let me tell you
When I first heard the Slim Shady EP
I couldn't understand how anybody felt you
Being a Puerto Rican from New York
I thought,
That these white kids were like crazy, Bellevue!
(Do you like violets?)
I was like… Dr. Dre who's your new patient he look a lil pasty
Bleached blonde hair
With a bigger wigger swag that a bigger nigga wish he coulda had
When I first took my first look at you I mistook you for a halfway crook
Here to try to put a stick up Hip-Hop
But you picked up the ball left by Big and 2Pac
Mister Mathers,
Here's a letter in a method never sent rather
I only drank half a fifth with the kids in the van, sir does that matter
Nahh, I’m lying,
But there wass this trip to Denver
Back in 2002 when you cleaned out your closet, dude
I felt you, bro, with every verse of hurt, that you belted, yo
Dear Em, Mr. Mathers, Slim, Marshall thank you
Dear Eminem, dear Eminem, dear Eminem,
Come on kids, take it away!


Dear Em
I don't worship you and, I'm not your biggest fan
So I won’t stake claim to that status, man
As a matter of fact, (shit)
I'm 34 almost 35
A grown man rapping to another grown man sick
God dammit, reality is though
Marshall, you saved my life
More than once I, felt lost inside,
Owe much to your angst,
All the pain aimed at your mom and dad,
I think it took me up til today to say thanks and
To get over my own past, so, thanks,
I’m here at home bumping this beat writing in the zone
Wonderin if you will ever get the chance to listen to my soul
Track Name: All the Traps ft. Mimi Knowles & Chance Lewis
Check it, to begin is to end
Forget A-mens mend fences adjacent
Many friends complaining
Angry cuz the bills are overdue by two payments
Past due is paid in full but the receipt ain't came yet
No wonder, you're hopping mad with the Trix
Silly Rabbits,
This isn't for kids
See the sticker,
Explicit shit in this bitch
The clock's ticking,
Ad hoc bombs outta moms kitchen
Too proud, too American, too loud
Too Western for the terrorists before we set boots down
Do you, believe when we leave they'll think
"Hey, USA, we think you cool now!"
I'm with you I'm glad we threw down but we're through now,
How bout we focus on the troops now
Focus on some real change, and a few towns
Unless we move now our fates will rest in a few clowns

I fear the pitfalls
All the traps I've set for me
And I know if I don't fall
We'll have another tragedy

Chance Lewis:::
Once upon a time you were authentic
Back then you were content with
The fact that your ideas wouldn't always be accepted
You were a little rough around the edges
But you said what you meant
And cuz of that you were respected
By a small but loyal following
But not so royal hollow kings
Don't make it to their throne by fans alone
You had to borrow things
So you solicited donations for your campaign
Now you owe some company a favor what a damn shame
You paid for votes to win a contest, that's respectable
Softened your positions just to make you more electable
They watered you down to reach a broader demographic hey but
I'm not talking politics
That's all about the rap game

Ch-ch-chance wait,
Now let me tell you about yesterday yesteryear
When the human race used to tolerate (HA)
Grab a beer sit down this is gonna be great
Macklemore has it, right that,
Underneath all our fear all our love is all the same
Despite, great strides, some great change
What remains is,
Some great stains upon our faces
Let me take another slice of the pie grandma used to make, shit
Take great pain in,
Staking claim in aquiring acreage sans bank slips
With the blessing of the bankers
We, worry, more about who loves who
Less about a future where our youth become euthanized by the truth
Will they, resent us...or thank us?

Track Name: Hold ft. Adrienne Paxton
The innocent,
Don't know the cold world we living in
don't even know the condition of what we giving them
Such innocence is easily convinced
hopscotch, swing sets, freeze tag, you're it...

Skipping in the wind, as little children live
Seize every moment like your last, given to live
Breathe in breathe out,
Feel the cool breeze on your skin,
Hear these words on the wind whip about…
Not a whisper nor a shout or a whimper calling out
It's a call for action in the classes and the house
These things, they tug on my heartstrings
The bully in the schoolyard, harsh things…
So could it be
That the beast in humanity
Is actually a need to feed individuality
Is it just me,
Not every victor needs a casualty
Not every winner, a man to beat
Dark scenes encroaching into dreams
I can't sleep, I'm scrolling through my tweets
It may be 3 but the feeds they bleed with misdeeds
All types of mean things
All types of sleaze all night it seems, are these,
The types of seeds we had hoped to breed
And bring into this world
In hopes to lead us through the next century
Seems bleak but I believe hold

Life is so fragile we should hold
It in our hands so lightly
We don't know where it is we go
One day we'll hold hands tightly

The innocent,
Don't know the cold world we living in
don't even know the condition of what we giving them
Such innocence is easily convinced
hopscotch, swing sets, freeze tag, you're it (you're it)…

Is it religion? Is it the money?
The politicking? Or just the money? (huh)
I'm thinking that you thinkers,
You movers and you shakers
The Kings and Queens of this Earth
All the Presidents and Dictators...
Need to heed, the protests from demonstrators (see)
Occupy spread,
And into Tahrir Square
Crossed the Red Sea
Spring's rare air so they mask up in Damascus…
Do we dare care
How we dare stare n stand still when we see unfair's fair
We need some care bears, with care stares
Don't care where the whole globe is care scarce
The little ones are sensitive, to changes in our temperaments
See every change has some relevance,
I say hate is irrelevant
I'm pained as I'm telling this we all chained to the elephant
That's in the room, we placing debts on the womb
We're making bets fossil fuels will make us slick
And not sick what about the moon?
A giant leap for mankind when we leave behind what we can't find

Never ever has there been skies so blue or clouds so white
To behold sights and sounds to fill, lives abound with life
We are not, creatures of time we are creatures of light
Creatures of light, people of light
People who are different but people alike
Teach all of the children we are people alike
Then see all of the children become teachers of right

Track Name: Wherever You Went
Where did she go
Where did he go
Where did they go
How could they know
How could they know
How could they know
Where they would go
Where like wind
Float into the unknown
How will they know
How will they know
How will they know
Where to go

I do not recollect
The final words that we said
They were left in your bed
Your sheets left to collect
And soak up all the tears that were shed
More slippery than the slopes that we sled
Like your cheeks and the salty sprinkles on your breasts
I left,
Early in the morning or a bit later
All I know t'was skiddaddle skater see you alligator
It was hard
It was something that I couldn't bear
Adorned with so many scars
That I just couldn't share
I had to keep them close
I wish I coulda kept you closer
But I know I had to let you go
Over and out
Where'd you float now
Jupiter Mars,
NASA send the rover out
Over and out
Where'd you float now
Venus or the Stars,
Where'd you go now

Where did she go
Where did he go
Where did they go
How could they know
How could they know
How could they know
Where they would go
Where like wind
Float into the unknown
How will they know
How will they know
How will they know
Where to go

What was left to be meant to be said
What I meant was
Is it better that I kept to myself what
What's about to be mentioned in this here message
Instantaneous gratification working against us
I'll play that sweet sucka without a center
How many licks does it take to get to yo placenta (huh)
What I meant was,
No disrespect but,
That is what you believe to be my agenda (huh?)
No surrender
Torture me until my heart bleeds
Until the water board is stained dark green
I have emotion like Spock see...
Meet me at the stars
Where our hearts be
You can, but will you go?
Gravity has no hold on your toes (you know)
You are free (I'm telling you)
Free to go (Compelling you)
Free to (come tell me boo)
Just tell me where I go to get to you

Where did she go
Where did he go
Where did they go
How could they know
How could they know
How could they know
Where they would go
Where like wind
Float into the unknown
How will they know
How will they know
How will they know
Where to go

Grace, taste,
I see the edges of the universe in your face
Faith, wait
I'll be there in a sec I gotta get this verse out tha way

No biggie,
Nothin's wrong
'cept we almos' finish
Wit this song
Going Texas with my drawl
All my exes live in Memphis, Tennessee so,
(They Grizzlies)
Guess I Volunteered to be mauled
Bets be this vignette gently is (killing thee soft)
Strumming on some pain,
Something about a dame,
Something bout the glory
Something bout the gain
Not just any story of a guy and a maid
Who caught each others eye
From across time and space
Clearly the design formed before time was made
It is time for this rhyme to restore it to its place
Your grace, your taste,
I see the edges of the universe in your face
Have faith, please wait
I'll be there in sec
Wherever you went (huh?)

Where did she go
Where did he go
Where did they go
How could they know
How could they know
How could they know
Where they would go
Where like wind
Float into the unknown
How will they know
How will they know
How will they know
Where to go

Grace, taste,
I see the edges of the universe in your face
Faith, wait
I'll be there in sec…
Wherever you went
(Where did she go, where did he go, where did they go)
Wherever you went...
(Where did she go, where did he go, where did they go)
Wherever you went…
(Where did she go, where did he go, where did they go)...
Track Name: Do What You Do ft. Tiffany Weir & Mr. HK
You do what you do
You do what you do to do you
We do what we do
We do what we do to woo you

Nothin's raw, like the maw of this predator
I'm a sever ya, razor repetitor
Teeth jaws, Robert Shaw, shreddin' ya
Mozzarella stretchin' I'm tearin' in
Wearin' thin, my ice skin it might split
Suffice it, slip, die quick, frigid
Dig, die quick, is it, cold
Ice dick, ha, midget, oh
I might wince as I hit with these lyrics
Like an ice pick, chippin' in is the virus
My styles grips, stomachs clinch, mind trips
Every time I switch styles sick
Quick defile the tile and the porcelain
Revile our forces cuz our forces be beguilin'
With distortions, as you're walkin' up the aisle
The green mile, single file
Sin did it them then did it to them then...

Chorus X2:::

Mr. Hk
In a 9-11, passengers from 9-11
I'll take 'em straight to heaven
So Father can be the one to bless them
Seeing evil no tendon to fight back
Take a forever flight through the smokestacks
Through the night perhaps,
We're fighting til the fight collapse
And causing catastrophic, astronomical attacks
It's as Astra per aspera
I'm passing difficulties through these stars bruh
Take the bar bust, break your jaw, clutch, crutch
Hold your mouth up,
Time ain't waiting for your hour to be up enough
I'm climbin', timin' Simon rhymin' flows
Futuristic, stereotypical white ghost (woooooooo)
Balls tight, cool, more like my type of dough
Five-seven, one-eleven like my type of ho
You talkin' shit, I'll the head and sever your throat
Doing what I do, so I'm doing what I need to so...

Chorus X2:::

So we do what we do, tried and true
No animal tests already tried them on you (ha)
The results do attest and provide the proof
The Syndicate is the sess and the lighter too, (uh…)
Spark it…
Here is your chance to make an escape from the darkness
But if you wait or hesitate
There really won't be any reason to be cautious
Nauseous, toss it… all up on my dick like some cum vomit…
Toxic, caustic Q acidic when he loft spit
The Miz (Awesome)…
Ain't got shit but I'm still flossing, bossin
Beast mode in the pit while I'm moshin…
All you kids better split before I start clawing
I'm a cross between a bear and a martian
Get with this Jazz and then I'll call my starship

Chorus X2:::
Track Name: Only a Story...
“The following is only a story. The names, places, and events depicted here are used strictly as character for an alternate universe, in which, the impossible may, in fact, be possible. In this alternate universe, Q1’s life ends, because of choices he may or may not have made during a critical time in his life. The following is only a story…”

Pager vibrates so it's like the late 90's
Wait for the phone at the cafe see the code
Emergency 911 type urgency
Tap the shoulder of the bitch ahead of me, (hurry please)….
She smiles as she nods, hangs up
I smile and say thanks then dial my mang up, what
It's the dude Ku on the other end
He say he got a call from another friend...
Making claims of heads who seek to meet and break bread
Ask, who these cats is and do they step fresh
Do they need a na
Shit…let me call you back from the pad spill what's happening then...

How can you see with your eyes when they're closed
How can you be with a mind that is closed
Needing reason for the rhyme I am told
I am told that the reason for the rhyme is unknown
I am told I am told that the reason is unknown

Open your eyes witness your downfall
(witness your downfall) (Open your eyes)

Arrive at the crib thinking crazy thinking quick (zzzzt zzzzt)
Pull my beeper out my pocket is it Lazy no it's KidD
Clear away his number, phone, dial tone
Enter Ku's digits wait a minute is he home…
He answers outta breath "Okay Q about them heads, like I said
They hoping for a sit-down, and the word is out,
They fixin to get rich now
Itchy fingers on them triggers til they flinch blaow…
So I wonder, who the fuck this is
Don't these motherfuckers know who they fucking with
Q is coming with the chrome, with some rubbers and a spliff
Will return back home with only the roach and the clip fucker shit


Open your eyes witness your downfall
(witness your downfall) (Open your eyes)

Ig-nore, the vibrations, of my page-or
I'm feeling rage in my veins son
"Q we haven't even made it to the station"
Ku, I know you can feel my aggravation
Come on let’s pull over to the curb side of the road
For added insurance let’s call, then, pick up Toad
His knack for unsticking us from sticky business
Is just what we need in case these bitches think to stick us
We’re prepared for any witnesses then,
Right then,
We witness, a black Cadillac pull up with tinted windows, they roll ‘em down,
And from the darkness…forty-four sparks from four .44’s blew out
Before any of our candles would be blown out, we screamed,
(“Thugs til we die!”)
We emptied magazines and shells back then there we sat,
The Cadillac and the Lumina both not looking very well
All the smoke and the holes and the blood, mixing smells, (oh well)
My mind is blown
But you’ll never ever ever see it
With your eyes closed
Track Name: No Safe House ft. L
It began when I was about five
My mind started catching up to my mama's lies
No surprise though,
Her lies consisted of relationship bullshit
The very same doo doo that I do do now (who knew)
Who knew that the very same roof
Always held over my head
The false protection that I left all those years back
Would be the same protection that I would give
To my kids, (shut up) I don't wanna hear that
Nothing but chronic marijuana to get peelt back
These words are like a sauna on the sun
God, I feel that
I feel it burning deeper and God I feel that
Let's reminisce father of Jesus
Comin' with a thesis from when I was a fetus
Nah, I was older
Remember screaming for you
To make this all over, though
Like the shit from my mom
All the shit she used to give me and Lu
Flashback locked in a bathroom
Or in a back room
What was it that i asked you
Save us from her bad mood
Save us from her belt all her mean words
And the welts every emotional tattoo

Is there a safe home
A safe house I can come to
A safe place I can run to
Thought home was supposed to
Be full of love and hugs
But it's nothing of the such, so
Is there a safe home
A safe house we can come to
A safe place we can run to
Thought home was supposed to
Be full of love and hugs
But it's nothing of the such, so

Have you ever tried running in a dream
But your body stays frozen
Your mind struggles to manipulate the scene
But your efforts remained hopeless
Those are precisely the sentiments
I hold regarding my role in the abuse
Disregard the parade of gentlemen
It's the torrid mental minds fucks that hold true
The paradox is
She gave birth to six kids with exceptional abilities
But ended up with six out of six paying visits
To mental and correctional facilities
These words are not spoken with injurious intent
Nor are they meant as a cheap jab or stick
They are spoken with a naive hope for miraculous-ness
That I may juke past the past and for once finally live
To awaken every dawn with the aches of age in my bones
And the sensation of utter happiness
I know that I must fight within my dome for a home
That isn't safe until I ask, myself this


Don't know where just to start, so there's no way to finish
So I'm just gonna write with my heart from the beginning
Memories I fought ripped up and tore apart,
Flashbacks of abuse locked up inside my vault
Closed eyes, rewind, allow one's mine to explode with thought
A safe house a seldom thought,
A safe house when home alone
Fast pitch in the hallway,
In a zone of our own till Mama's home
Then it's back to harsh reality tricks and picks
The amount of candy chosen equals the amount of hits
Now picture two little kids at ends wit,
Crying and trying to figure out just what they did or do to deserve this Constantly feeling worthless,
Emotions expressed and explained through sacred verses
The cycle of destruction shall no longer proceed
The generation of abuse shall stop and end with my seed
A safe house I pray to provide for her, oh yes, oh yes indeed
Track Name: Tippy Toe ft. Jayton tha Mac
I been thinking lately
I'm lucky for my baby
And without you, my world would fall apart
I never would've known that I love like this existed
I wanna thank you for giving me a piece of my heart

Tippy toe tippy toe come through my door
Your love the footsteps, my heart the floor
Since you, came into my life, never want you to go
Lived a thug life, I don't want no more...
In an instant, from a distance, saw a vision
You and me, we was kissin', then of the kids and
Of the place we would live in, and as god as my witness
With you as my wife everything now fits in...
In the beginnin', there was light
In mind He had you when He made the Heavens
In your eyes I see my reflection
So deep are the depths...
Aint nothin left of me to be detected
Reflections times for confessions
No question, there's too much love it needs expressin
So take ahold of my hands, don't let go
Imma show you the plan, let's go
Where I lead, will you follow
Don't leave, stay til tomorrow
The keys, to my heart (huh)
Baby, you already got those

I been thinking lately
I'm lucky for my baby
And without you, my world would fall apart
I never would've known that I love like this existed
I wanna thank you for giving me a piece of my heart
Gimme what you got
I'm a give you what I got
Are you ready for forever cuz it's never gonna stop, stop
Stop, it's never gonna stop
We got it better than most I wanna propose a toast
To forever is ready you ready or not, not, not
Is you ready or not

Across the threshhold, criss-crossin crossroads
Went from, something great to, something awful
Went back to something great,
But resent and hate overweighed what we felt couldn't break...
Nothin said, nothin thoughtful
When love you was said it was said in our beds
So what's left after sex was what what was expected,
Right back to yellin...
So we'll just,
Wait until mornin, and then we'll end it
Say goodnight, and goodbye,
Flip the lights, shut our eyes...
Our hearts and our minds share
The same thought the same prayer
Stitch us up like quilts
Give us enough will, to overcome, blood spilt from...
All the cuts and the guilt
Help us, to tear down the brick walls that we built
All alone, so cold icicles on our souls like, it's
Wintertime, all of the time, wishin for...
Love to arrive, like before, a surprise
Tippy toe back, tippy toe back into our lives